What does it mean to be a Woman of Worth? It truly means that we are women who know who we are in Christ and we don’t base our value on the opinions of others. A woman of worth bases her value totally upon who the word of God says that she is. The word says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that our value has been set far above rubies. We are also the apple of His eye and when He looks at us He calls us beautiful. A Woman of Worth is just that, a woman that has great value, beauty, and confidence and she demonstrates that in all that she does. A Woman of Worth is also someone who makes a difference and changes the world around her for the better because she spreads His light everywhere she goes.

It is the goal of GCM to raise up Mighty Women of God who are truly world changers! To raise up women who do not base their value upon the labels the world has placed upon them, but on who the word of God says they are. We hope to empower them to live from Who is within instead of the world around them. In order to truly change the world around we have to first be changed within. Our goal is to help them see within, all the great plans that God has for their life. These plans are to prosper them and to give them a great hope for the future!! Then in return send them out fully restored and confident to help breathe the same life into others through the testimony of what God has done for them.

Come join the army of women that God is raising up at GCM to truly make a difference! We also believe in the value of strong healthy relationships and we encourage that with our women as well with the things women like best, food, fun, and fellowship. We want to strengthen the relational and emotional side along with the spiritual because that is what brings about wholeness. We truly believe that we have been raised up for such a time as this and it is time for us to step out of obscurity onto the front lines to shine bright for our King!!! We would love to have you join us the first Sunday night of every month as we do our part to expand the Kingdom of Light!!!

Much Blessings! 
Pastor Sabrina Fort