High Praise and Intimate Worship is the goal of GCM. We truly believe in having a good time in the Lord! Our goal is to ignite a passion in others for a more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. He is longing and searching for the true (genuine) worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth (reality) [John 4:23]. We believe that as you worship Him out of a genuine heart the attention of heaven is grabbed and the supernatural is released. We are the carriers of His presence and as we worship Him, out of our bellies flow rivers of living water and His glory fills the temple. When He steps in nothing remains the same!

My goal as the music pastor of this house is to lead people into the presence of the Lord.  To enhance, develop and to expose the unexposed to deeper true heartfelt worship through ministry and song. To ignite excitement and freedom in the hearts of the people, so they can and will worship God in spirit and in truth.  I want to be a vessel in which God can use to help awaken and encourage people to desire and experience God in a more personal and intimate way/relationship.  “This people I have formed for Myself; They shall declare My praise.” [Isaiah 43:21]

Pastor Kathy A. Miller